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12 unforgettable lottery stories from 2017
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We come to the end of another year and as usual, there have been some rather strange lottery stories brought to you by over the past twelve months. Let’s look back at 12 of them.In January, we told you about Michael Petro from Connecticut, USA, who used the numbers in a cookie to win himself $100,000 in the Cash5 game.February saw us telling you about a couple of pensioners in Western Australia who won $1m on a Monday Lotto ticket, using their last $11.In March, there was the story of a player who took 13 months to discover their $1,020,496 Australian Powerball prize.To April now and the tale of Carlos Castillo and his son from Los Angeles in California, USA. They won $1m on the $10 Million Dollar Multiplier scratch card game using a special strategy.In May, we had a story about Eric Koch from Maryland, USA. He won $30,000 on a UNO scratch card and then devised a clever way of telling his wife about their big win.June saw a big shock for Bill Bett from Scotland. He thought he’d won a pint of milk, but it was actually a £1m win on a National Lottery scratch card.Lottery wins can change people’s lives and that was the case in July with the story of homeless Crystal Nelson from Illinois, USA, after her $50,000 Powerball win.In August, we told you the story of Hal from Maine, USA. After a series of lottery wins, he gave away all his latest $23,520 Pick 3 win.Judy Finchum from Colorado, USA, had a September to remember when she won a $133.2m Powerball jackpot using some very personal numbers.Next up is October and there was a strange incident during an Irish Lotto draw that had everyone wondering just what was going on. Viewers wondered if a lottery ball actually had two numbers on it.November saw us telling you about Nicolae Bogdan from Toronto in Canada. He played a prank on his wife telling her of their $30,000 lottery win, while they had in fact won a $31m Lotto Max jackpot, but lucky for him she’s still talking to him.In December, we told you about a player from Australia who accidentally bought more lottery tickets than planned. He wasn’t complaining when one of the additional lines won him a $976,000 Saturday Lotto prize.To live your own amazing story, play online with us at