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£154m EuroMillions jackpot on offer this Friday
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It’s been a series of rollovers in the main midweek lottery draws. The Powerball jackpot will be a massive $269m on Friday, the EuroMillions jackpot has climbed to £154m and the SuperEnalotto draw is up to €103.1m.On Monday there was a second-tier win of €162,226.10 in the Bonoloto draw but the big win came on Wednesday, when one ticket matched 04-09-25-32-42-46 to win the €1,530,294.59 jackpot.To the first of the massive jackpots and on Tuesday players were trying to win the EuroMillions top prize of £142m but no tickets were able to match 06-14-19-25-29 and the two Lucky Stars 05 and 11. There were six tickets that won the runners-up prize. Four came from the UK winning £169,512.60. The other two were sold in Portugal and Belgium winning their owners €257,544.05. On Friday the jackpot rises to £154m, that’s just short of the £161m EuroMillions windfall won by Scottish couple Christine and Colin Weir.The SuperEnalotto jackpot on Tuesday was up to €102m but failed to produce a winner of the top prize. The numbers drawn were 17-25-52-55-67-75 and the Jolly 90. On Thursday, the jackpot rises to €103.1m, just higher than the €93.72m SuperEnalotto jackpot won by a player in Mestrino, Italy last year.The jackpot in Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw was $185m but will be $204m on Friday after tickets were unable to match 17-19-23-24-43 and the Mega Ball 14. There were no tickets able to match the five main balls unlike Jimmy Morgan from Tennessee, USA, who won $1m playing Mega Millions.Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw had a €5m jackpot but the draw failed to produce a jackpot winner. The elusive numbers were 03-06-08-29-40-47 and the Bonus 07. Two tickets won a runners-up prize of €1,626,262.50. On Saturday, the top prize will be. €8m.The UK Lotto top prize on Wednesday was £1.95m after the Banfield family from Bristol scooped the £18m UK Lotto jackpot last Saturday. No repeat win this time as players couldn’t get 14-25-29-30-35-53 and the Bonus Ball 38. On Saturday, the top prize will be £5.2mThere were two jackpot winners in the Joker draw. Both won €95,072.60 by matching 8-3-9-4-5-6.Finally, the Powerball draw on Wednesday had a jackpot of $245.1m but will be over the quarter of a billion dollars mark after another rollover. No tickets were able to match 07-15-31-34-36 and the Powerball 08. There was a second-tier winner that matched the five main balls with that ticket being sold in Florida. Rebecca T from Indiana, USA, was also lucky enough to win a $1m Powerball prize. On Saturday, the jackpot will be $269m.Don't miss this opportunity of becoming a big winner and purchase your tickets online at