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$227m Mega Millions Jackpot up for grabs on Friday
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The big win in the midweek lottery draws came in Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw. Two lucky tickets will both receive a jackpot win of €5.132m. In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot rolled over again and will be $227m on Friday.The week started off with a jackpot win as Monday’s Bonoloto draw saw one ticket win the €589,223,114 top prize. There was also a second-tier win of €173.208.27.The SuperEnalotto draw on Tuesday had a top prize of €36.9m but it was a night for high numbers and tickets were unable to match 59-61-63-65-71-84 and the Jolly 23. Thursday’s jackpot is €37.8m.The EuroMillions jackpot was £22.38m on Tuesday but ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers were 09-18-32-38-46 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 03. That’s the sixth straight draw in which a single figure number has been a main ball. There were four second-tier winners with a ticket sold in the UK winning 115,810.30 with tickets sold in Spain, France and Switzerland winning €185,498/ CHF275,914.60. Friday’s draw has a £32m jackpot. Hopefully we’ll see more big wins to follow the recent syndicate of workers in Ireland who won a £1m EuroMillions prize.In the USA, Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw had a jackpot of $207m but it’ll be $227m on Friday after another rollover. That’s just under half of the $450m Mega Millions jackpot won by Shane Missler from Florida, USA, earlier this year.  The numbers drawn were 15-30-51-62-67 and the Mega Ball 19. There were no second-tier winners unlike ‘Mega Millions Mama’ from Maryland, USA, who was lucky enough to win $1m playing Mega Millions.The UK Lotto top prize was £13.94m in Wednesday’s draw but ended in a rollover, perhaps the fact four consecutive numbers didn’t help.  That’s five draws in a row there have been consecutive numbers. The numbers drawn were: 11-12-13-14-54-56 and the Bonus Ball 36. On Saturday the top prize is £16.4m, perhaps that draw will produce another big jackpot winner as was the case when Englishman Arno Riselli won a £24.43m UK Lotto jackpot earlier this year.Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot was $132m but it’s rising to $147m on Saturday after tickets were unable to match 06-28-48-63-64 and the Powerball 24. Two tickets sold in Texas and California won the second-tier prize becoming lottery millionaires just the male player in Texas who recently won a $1m Powerball prize. Wednesday’s big win came in the Lotto 6 aus 45 draw with two jackpot winners both receiving €5,132,100.  The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw saw one ticket win the runners-up prize of €765.804. The Super 6 draw produced three €100,000 jackpot winners.For your chance of becoming a winner this weekend, play online with us at