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$55m Australian Powerball jackpot win still unclaimed five months after the draw
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The search continues for the winner of the $55m Australian Powerball jackpot won in the draw held on January 11. Whoever won the jackpot has less than a month to claim their winnings from the Tatts lottery company.The winning Australian Powerball ticket was sold at the Scole Lotto and Newsagency in Brunswick, Melbourne. The owner of the Newsagency, Sam Misiano has said the quest to find the Australian Powerball jackpot winner has been making his life a misery.Both Misiano and the Tatts Lottery company have launched an extensive campaign to find the Australian Powerball jackpot winner. This has included huge in-store signs, T-shirts and even a team of six joggers who ran up and down the street with signs on their back.The deadline to claim the Australian Powerball jackpot is July 11. On that date the money is transferred to the Victorian state revenue office but can still be claimed by whoever the winner is, so not all is lost apart from lots of interest that could be being earned.Misiano said he has had to endure months of customers trying to convince him with some unlikely stories that they are in the winners. In England, a woman falsely claimed she’d put her £33m UK Lotto jackpot winning ticket in her washing machine.The newsagent joked, “Just when you thought you’d heard every excuse under the sun? Well wait, there’s more.” One woman claimed she was cheating on her husband and when he found out, he took the winning Australian Powerball ticket off her. Another said they were the winners but had left their ticket in their car which was then sold and has been written off...In Iowa, USA, Jeff Wolf took nine months to claim his $2m Powerball prize, while Debra Newman from Minnesota, USA, claimed her $50,000 Powerball win the day before the deadline.The newsagent’s staff initially believed the winner was a local player who bought tickets a month in advance as he worked overseas. He returned after two months but wasn’t the Australian Powerball winner. Another theory is that the winner was someone who rented an apartment during January’s Australian Open tennis tournament.It’s been good for business though with ticket sales three times higher since they sold the jackpot winning Australian Powerball ticket. But the newsagent says, “I just can’t wait for the winner to come forward and get the party started.”For your chance to win with your favourite international lottery, play now at!