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Barcelona EuroMillions player wins jackpot without ever touching a ticket
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A EuroMillions player from Barcelona in Spain has won the €48 million EuroMillions jackpot after matching all the numbers drawn on Tuesday, May 12th.However, this lottery player in particular won in a very special way, without ever touching a ticket themselves. The winner instead purchased his ticket online with his local lottery administration, and this is now the largest jackpot that has ever been paid out from that administration.The owner of the online lottery retailer, Mr Eduardo Losilla, said that he is delighted to have paid out the highest prize since his family began selling the lottery 50 years ago. The identity of the winner remains a mystery, even to Mr Losilla, but he did say that there is every chance the winner is “still sleeping and doesn’t know anything about their jackpot prize yet.”The EuroMillions winner purchased five lines for the draw on Tuesday evening, one of which matched all of the winning numbers 14, 29, 30, 40 and 46 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 3 and 6, and the lottery retailer did suggest that the winner may well decide to claim their prize without going public. “The first thing big EuroMillions winners normally think is that they hope nobody finds out about their windfall, so that nobody will come and ask for money from them,” said the EuroMillions ticket seller with a smile.Mr Losilla is said to be very well known by Barcelona lottery players as not only the retailer of EuroMillions tickets but also as a lottery syndicate organiser, and just a few weeks ago he paid out €3.5 million to a football betting syndicate.This latest EuroMillions prize is the largest won in the city of Barcelona in the last 10 years, according to the Lotería y Apuesta del Estado, the organisers of lottery games in Spain. The total prize was €47,879,234 and the ticket holder has 90 days to claim their prize.The previous EuroMillions jackpot of £36 million was won on Friday, April 24th by a mystery British player, as they became the second Brit to win the EuroMillions top prize in four weeks.Try your luck and purchase your lottery tickets online at