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Bere Island shocked at publicity over €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win
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Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw ended in a rollover meaning there’s a £155m jackpot on Friday. A syndicate from Bere Island, which is off the Cork coast in Ireland, are already celebrating after they won a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize in the September 19 draw.Probably not so happy were the film crew looking for the EuroMillions Plus winners on the island while they all headed to Dublin to collect their win. Their leader said, “It's been an absolutely crazy week" and added that their win was "the worst-kept secret on the island". They are looking forward to holding a massive party when returning to Bere Island.The EuroMillions Plus winners have decided to remain anonymous just like the recent $25m Australian Powerball winner from Victoria. Just whether they can remain secret remains to be seen with people on the small island that only has 180 residents already speculating who the EuroMillions winners are.Earlier this month a man from Western Cork won a €257,084 EuroMillions prize. Also celebrating in Co Cork is a player who has had three big lottery wins.They have been shocked by the publicity their island has received since news of their EuroMillions win broke. "We have a wonderful community spirit on the island and our win will allow us to make some very positive changes there in the coming months,” said their syndicate leader. Jack Long from California, USA, said he’d use some of his $60m Powerball win to help others.The syndicate members are believed to have been buying tickets together for several years and socialise together on the island. It’s not the first big win on an island. A player from Sicily in Italy won a €21.8 million SuperEnalotto jackpot.Back on the island, Mary Murphy is the postmistress who sold the syndicate their winning EuroMillions Plus ticket. Her post office only started selling EuroMillions tickets last October with a previous largest win of just €20. She commented, "There is huge excitement... it's been an amazing week. We've never had anything like it here. Sky News are here now... I've had people on to me from Canada and Scotland, I've gone all over the world!"The delighted postmistress added, "It's been unbelievable, I can't describe it. We've never had anything like it here before in my life." Just imagine what it’d be like if they won Friday’s massive EuroMillions jackpot.Get a chance of becoming a big winner and purchase your tickets online at