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Canadian Lotto 649 winners didn’t tell their kids they’d won, but they’ll find out by watching the news!
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A couple from British Columbia in Canada who won over $9 million on the Lotto 649 told officials as they collected the prize that they didn’t tell their children they’d won, but they would soon find out.Daniel Schulli and his wife Kelly won $9.7 million in the Lotto 649 drawing in September, but they told lottery officials in Vancouver, British Columbia, that they only told their oldest of four children about their new fortune. Instead, Mr Schulli said in a press release that they would allow their three youngest children to find out simply by watching the news. Similarly, a recent Powerball lottery winner kept their big win a secret from their children until they claimed the prize.The couple, who purchased their winning Lotto 649 ticket from Bradner General Store in Abbotsford, told lottery officials that they’ve been walking around their house giggling about their secret, because they still can barely believe it themselves. In a similar story, a Californian lottery winner went as far as keeping his win a secret from his wife. They told lottery officials when they first found out that they weren’t sure if it was real or not, and in fact Mrs Schulli hung up the phone and carried on with her work when her husband called her. “I was pretty sure it was a bit of a joke,” she said, just like a couple from Lincolnshire in England did after their £53 million EuroMillions win on April Fool’s Day.Once the children do find out, however, the Schulli’s said that their lives won’t be changing that dramatically, and they’ll still be expected to clean and tidy their bedrooms, and find their own income. “You’re still getting a job!” Mrs Schulli said in the statement, aimed at their children who will not doubt be watching dumbfounded.Other recent Lotto 649 winners include Jerry Krivoshen from Calgary, Alberta, who scored his $1 million on his birthday. The BC couple did admit that their Lotto 649 windfall will make their lives at home a lot easier, and Mr Schulli said that his first purchase is going to be a new truck. “The boys have been giving me a hard time about my 20 year old pickup,” he told lottery officials. “So I might have to buy a new truck.”Don't forget to purchase your lottery tickets online at it's quick and easy.