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Colorado Uber driver wins top lottery scratch card prize thanks to tip from customer
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An Uber driver in the US State of Colorado has won a $140,000 lottery scratch card prize, all thanks to a tip that he was given by one of his passengers.The lottery winner, who was revealed by officials as James P from Lakewood, was given a Super Special Ultimate Bingo scratch card by one of his passengers, and that ticket went on to win him $30. The Uber driver decided to use his $30 winning to buy more scratch cards, and his good luck snowballed from there. A woman from Michigan won $100,000 on a Bonus Jackpot scratch card that she was given as a gift from her roommate.“I kept winning these smaller amounts and just kept rolling it over and over into more tickets,” James told Colorado Lottery officials. This chain of scratch card luck went on for six weeks, until the latest ticket he bought turned out to be worth $140,000.A taxi driver from Gloucester in England decided to retire after winning $24.43 million on the UK Lotto, while a Welsh taxi driver still went to work despite winning £1 million on a National Lottery scratch card.The lottery winner purchased his winning scratch card from a Centennial store last week and went into the Colorado Lottery headquarters in Denver the very next day to claim his prize. The lottery player says that he now has plenty of plans for his $140,000 winnings, including giving a large portion to his parents.James told lottery officials that his parents have helped him out financially several times, and he’s pleased that the scratch card win will enable him to pay them back. A scratch card winner from Michigan pledged to give all but $5,000 of his $500,000 prize to his parents to thank them for their support, while a San Francisco winner wanted to help his parents pay off their house with his scratch card prize money.He also hopes to make some repairs and modifications to his car, and he won’t stop driving for Uber. The scratch card winner said that he hasn’t yet seen the passenger who gave him the first ticket, but he’s hoping that he’ll pick him up again soon. “I very rarely get the same passenger multiple times, but I’d picked this guy up a few times,” the lottery winner said. “I haven’t been able to find him yet and tell him about this, but I hope I do.”You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your tickets online now at