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Couple become Grandparents Thanks to £1m EuroMillions win
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Couple become Grandparents Thanks to £1m EuroMillions win

When you win a big lottery prize it can change your life forever. EuroMillions winners Ruth and Mark Chalmers from Halifax in Yorkshire, England, used their £1 million win to help their daughters have children.

The couple won their EuroMillions windfall in February 2018 and knew just who to help. Their daughters Natalie and Leanne both had the condition polycystic ovary syndrome. They had been told by doctors that this made getting pregnant in the conventional manner “almost impossible.”

Every parent has the dream of becoming a grandparent. Mr Chalmers, 60, had planned to use a lump sum he received after retiring to help his daughters have IVF treatment. Then came their EuroMillions win, and everything changed.

Fantasy becomes reality

Talking about the EuroMillions win, he said: “When we won the lottery it just made it so much easier. “The lottery is fantasy that has become reality for us.”

The money has been well spent because now both Natalie and Leanne have given birth. Natalie has had a son called Koby (three years old), while Leanne gave birth to Brogen (19 months old). No wonder their parents now say, “we’ve sort of had another double lottery win.”

That wasn’t the only help that was given to their daughters. They were also helped to buy homes and with no mortgage to pay.

A lot of pleasure

Now the EuroMillions winners are grandparents, and they love that. Mr Chalmers says that the win has given them “a lot of pleasure - most over those two (boys).”

Natalie, 33, is of course overjoyed at finally having a child. When her parents told her how they were going to help, she felt “happy, excited, nervous.” She added: “'I just can't thank them enough for it. They have given me him (Koby), really. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.'

Leanne, 36, is delighted at the help her parents have given her. Her son is “really placid and is totally opposite to Koby. He's so happy and he's always smiling. He just likes to play and get on with things.'

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