Down to Earth Canadian Astrologer Wins $7 million Lottery Jackpot

Down to Earth Canadian Astrologer Wins $7 million Lottery Jackpot

Down to Earth Canadian Astrologer Wins $7 million Lottery Jackpot

Robert Gareau from Quebec in Montreal, Canada, writes horoscopes and astrology columns. He’s also a lottery millionaire after winning $7 million on April 25.  Now he’ll be buying a new bicycle rather than a car.

His success came in Loto-Québec’s Grande Vie lottery and saw him winning $1,000 a day for life. The 69-year-old didn’t take long to decide to accept his winnings as a one-off lump sum payment of $7 million.

Perhaps astrology did have something to do with his lottery luck. “The planets (Jupiter and Uranus) were aligned, “ he said when claiming his winnings.

His win was still a big surprise though and was discovered in the middle of the night. Mr Gareau likes staying up late and it was 4am when he checked his phone and found out he’d won $7 million.

Difficult to sleep

Some players scream their head off when finding out about a big win. This lucky winner didn’t though and he just went back to sleep. It didn’t go as planned and a good night’s sleep just didn’t happen.

The press conference that was held after his win was an emotional one for the lottery winner. It was held on his late mother’s birthday and she was very much in his mind. “Merci maman,” he said while trying his best not to break down in tears. An Australian woman believed  her late mother helped her win a $10 million Oz Lotto jackpot.

He says that he’s “very down to earth” and lives modestly. His plan is to take some time to decide how best to use his lottery winnings but already has some ideas.

A real bike

Buying a condo is a possibility but not a new car as he adores his 2016 VW Golf. A new bicycle is on his spending list after his last one was stolen two years ago. He wants to keep exercising so he can stay fit.

It won’t be an electric one though but “a real bike. Buying some new equipment to help him with his stargazing is also being considered.

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