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€500,000 EuroMillions Plus is answer to winner’s prayers
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A €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win by a family from Ashbourne in Ireland in the August 25 draw will be “Truly, truly life changing” and proved a massive shock for all concerned.The EuroMillions Plus winning family took some time to claim their prize as is often the case for some lottery winners. When claiming their prize, they admitted that the past couple of weeks had seen them take some time-out before coming forward to claim their half a million euros windfall.It was on the night of the draw that the lucky family discovered their big win. The winning husband checked his ticket as his wife was outside working in their garden. Perhaps now he’ll buy a lawn mower, just as Geoff Coombes from England did after a £1m UK Lotto win. Syndicate leader Martin Cribb wanted to finish his grouting before checking whether they had won £1m playing UK Lotto.He immediately called out to her with their amazing news, but she initially became a bit worried about what was happening. She said: “I was absolutely certain he was having a heart attack! “ It was all a bit of a puzzle as to why her husband was shouting at her. When she realized he wasn’t about to die, she didn’t initially believe his story of them winning a massive EuroMillions Plus win. It was only when they checked the EuroMillions results on the phone and then their computer that she was nearly convinced the win was true. The couple then began to phone family members asking them to check the EuroMillons results.It's the latest big win in Ireland with a recent €9.4 million Irish Lotto jackpot win by a family in Leinster. Also celebrating was Sinéad Mooney after a €500,000 National Lottery scratch card win.Their winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased on Saturday 19th August at JR’s First Stop in Ashbourne Town Centre. The windfall couldn’t have come at a better time for the family just as it has for Adam and Amy Pryor from Maidstone, England, who bagged a £1m EuroMillions prize.For these winners, the EuroMillions windfall will help them deal with the cost of their children’s education and this win has” answered all of our prayers.” The couple also plan to pay off their mortgage and other loans. They then plan on relaxing and ”enjoy the comfort that a win like this brings.”For your chance of also becoming a winner, purchase your tickets online at