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El padre draw celebrates Father’s Day with €105m prize fund
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Spain seems to have a lottery for every occasion and Father’s Day is no exception. On March 19, the Especial El Padre draw is being held with a special top prize of €14.87 million and a total prize fund of €105m.Over the years, has published plenty of stories about fathers who have enjoyed lottery luck, let’s look back at some of the best of them.Englishman Matt Myles got what he wanted when asking his father for a loan, even though he’d just won £1m playing EuroMillions.Fathers can be a bit secretive sometimes. That applies to the Irish father who kept a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win a secret from his family.You can always rely on a father to do a good turn for you. That’s what happened in Ireland when Peter McGowan from Ireland thought his daughter Kerry might have forgotten to get her lottery ticket. He purchased one for her and it won a €112,469 Irish Lotto prize.In California, USA, Jaerean Yano believed her father was a lot luckier than she was. Therefore, she let him buy her lottery tickets and she won $630,297 in a Mega Millions draw.A father wants to help his family and after Irishman Jim Carroll won €500,000 playing Irish Lotto, he vowed to share his winnings with his loved ones.Education costs can be an expensive piece of expenditure. Bill Aliff from Virginia, USA, landed a $2m Powerball windfall and promised to use some of his winnings to send his daughter to college.Christmas is a time of the year when family is important and winning a lottery prize just before it happens is great timing. Darren Hammond from Cumbria, England, won £381,582.80 in a EuroMillions draw and pledged to give his family the best Christmas ever.Still on the Christmas theme, a father from Dublin, Ireland, won a 11.3m Irish Lotto jackpot but still promised to cook his family their Christmas dinner.Pete Congdon from Cornwall, England had an extra special treat for his daughter after he won a £13.5m UK Lotto jackpot as he bought her a new £900,000 home.In California, USA, Vasiliy Sholokhov won $1m playing Powerball and told lottery officials he’d share his winnings with his two sons.As you can see, fathers have had some great luck playing lotteries. Hopefully on March 19 some more will get wins in the Especial El Padre draw.Purchase your tickets for El Padre right now at