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EuroMillions rollover: how to spend your winnings?
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The EuroMillions lotto is Europe’s premier multi-state lottery game. The lottery is once again in rollover ‘mode’. The last EuroMillions draw failed to find a single EuroMillions ticket holder who matched all five numbers and the two lucky stars. That means the next roll-over is offering a massive EuroMillions jackpot of nearly 53 million pounds. How could you spend so much money? Well, what could you do with that much money?Let’s get a bit of perspective here! 53 million pounds, or 63 million Euros is a lot of money. The British Government, in 2011/12 spent 52 million pounds on stationary for all government departments. The French Government spent 62 million Euros on anti-tank missiles in 2010/11. The German Government spent 61 million Euros on computer repairs in 2011/12. The Spanish Government spends 63 million Euros every single day repaying their IMF debt. So, we know it’s a lot of money. However, if you’re this Friday’s lucky jackpot winner, what can you spend your EuroMillions jackpot winnings on?Sotherby’s, the luxury auctioneers, are currently selling a Bavarian Castle on the banks of the Rhine. The palatial residence, with 30 bedrooms, ball-room, 20 hectares of land, stables and a full leisure complex, study, gym and a smoking hall could offer the EuroMillions winner, that discerning European aristocratic lifestyle all for a mere €33 million Euros. Perhaps, you want a Parisian or Milan apartment, a bolt hole, where you go after long day’s clothes shopping? What about a Breteuil, Parisian Apartment with 8 bedrooms over three floors serviced by a glass elevator with a vast inner courtyard, all for a mere €31 million Euros?What about luxury cars? Well, you could buy the very best of European sports cars. Take for example a Bugatti Veryon, the world’s fastest sports car, for €1,2 million Euros. If that’s not your style, what about a Maserati Quattroporte for only €239,000 or even a BMW 734i M-Class for €382,200 all of which exudes luxury. For fashion, well Paris and Milan offers the world – from Chanel to Jimmy Choo. It’s all there.You could be the next lucky winner... so don’t forget to purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at The EuroMillions lotto can really change your life.