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EuroMillions Super Draw won by single ticket in Portugal
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This weekend came the lottery draw we had all been waiting for, the EuroMillions Super Draw when the top prize was boosted to €100 million, just to celebrate life!Tuesday night’s EuroMillions jackpot had been worth just over £52 million, so when nobody was able to match the numbers that were drawn 6, 7, 11, 13 and 21 as well as Lucky Stars 7 and 8, the top prize was not just boosted by a few million as it usually is, it was boosted by almost fifteen of them. When the EuroMillions Super Draw takes place, the top prize is automatically boosted to €100 million, no matter what it was worth in the preceding draw (unless of course it was worth more), and due to the current exchange rate that meant that Friday night’s EuroMillions jackpot was worth just over £72 million.As the numbers for Friday, March 6th were drawn from the ball machine in Paris, it became clear that one ticket located in Portugal had been able to match all of the winning numbers 23, 30, 47, 49 and 50 as well as the Lucky Stars 2 and 7. That player will take home the huge €100 million prize as soon as they make their claim from lottery officials in Portugal.Meanwhile, there were also nine players across Europe who, while they didn’t win the top prize, were able to take home a EuroMillions consolation prize. Matching the five main numbers plus one out of the two Lucky Stars, those nine players each took home £241,406.80, while ten players took home over £72,000 for matching the five main numbers only.But that’s not all, of course, because the EuroMillions lottery draw means that there was another Millionaire Raffle draw in the UK, making one player a millionaire every week, guaranteed. So even though nobody won the jackpot, there is still one player in the UK who woke up on Saturday morning one million pounds richer, just make sure you check your tickets in case it is you!Give yourself a chance to win and purchase your lottery tickets online with us at