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EuroMillions Superdraw confirmed for October 3
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After the postponement that took place in June, it’s been announced that the next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on Friday October 3. This means a guaranteed €100 million jackpot for the draw.The last Superdraw took place earlier this year on March 7. No one won the €100 million jackpot in that draw, but the following week the jackpot did go with Neil Trotter scooping over €107 million. The last time a EuroMillions Superdraw actually produced a winner was back in November 2013. On that occasion a ticket in Spain won the jackpot.After the excitement of the March Superdraw another was scheduled for June 6. However a series of rollovers caused the jackpot to naturally pass through the magic €100 million mark, so the decision was taken to postpone the draw. That was the first time a EuroMillions Superdraw had ever been postponed.If the EuroMillions jackpot reaches €100 million or more on the 30th September Tuesday draw, then the scheduled Superdraw will again be postponed in favour of the higher jackpot amount.EuroMillions Superdraws were introduced seven years ago and guarantee a jackpot of €100 million (£80 million). Money is taken from the EuroMillions Reserve fund to enable the jackpot to reach that magic figure.That first ever Superdraw was held on February 9, 2007 and saw a lucky player from Belgium win the jackpot.The Superdraws can be announced at any time, but are normally held to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions. They operate under the same rules as regular draws aside from the guaranteed jackpot figure. If no player matches all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars then the jackpot rolls over to the following draw. The first time that occurred was in February 2010, causing the jackpot to rise to €129m (£112 million) which was shared by two tickets in the next draw.The Superdraw will come at a pretty useful time in the year. Dare I say it but Christmas will be just around the corner, so winning €100 million just a couple of months before the big day will certainly be a great way to start your preparations.Purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at It’s quick and easy.