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EuroMillions winner had been walking around with £1 million in his pocket for two weeks
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A lottery winner from Devon, England is celebrating this week after he cashed in a EuroMillions lottery ticket for a £1 million prize.The lottery prize was won on the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle game, and the winner may not have scooped the entire jackpot, but £1 million is certainly enough to change his life. Just a few months after we reported about a mystery Devon EuroMillions millionaire, the lottery winner, whose identity details have not yet been released, purchased his ticket for the EuroMillions draw at Evans Newsagents on the High Street in Crediton, Devon, but he didn’t check his ticket for over two weeks afterwards.The manager of Evans Newsagents, Nick Ashweek, said that he couldn’t believe it when the customer told him that he had been walking around for a fortnight with a £1 million lottery ticket burning a hole in his pocket, completely oblivious, just like Linda Cain from Irvine did with her winning £250,000 lottery scratch card ticket, but hers was in her handbag. “I immediately thought it was amazing that he’s had that ticket in his pocket for two weeks not knowing it was a £1 million winning ticket,” said Mr Ashweek of the story which is just like the one of a syndicate group from Connecticut in the USA who took two weeks to check their winning $1 million Powerball ticket.The lottery winner not only purchased his EuroMillions ticket from Evans Newsagents, but he also checked it in the same store along with a second ticket for a different draw. “He came in with his two tickets to have them checked,” recalled Mr Ashweek. “I put the first ticket through and nothing came up. Then I processed the second ticket and on our Lottery machine the worlds ‘you cannot pay prize, please ask the customer to contact the Lottery telephone line’ popped up.”The store manager said that he immediately knew that it must have been a big prize, but looking at the ticket itself he could recognise that the ticket holder had not matched many of the numbers in the draw. “Then I realised that he’d won the UK Millionaire Maker EuroMillions raffle.” Mr Ashweek admitted that he himself was stunned to find out that a winner of this proportion had been sold in his store, and the lottery winner was equally as shocked.“I didn’t know if he was going to pass out or cry. He took a moment and then when it had all settled down he said: ‘I think I’m going to have to go and have a pint!’” We don’t know any details as yet as to how the winner will spend his money, but we can only imagine it will be similar to that of the Hancock’s, also from Devon, who set off on a tour of Europe after their EuroMillions win.For your chance of also becoming a big winner, play online with us at