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Favourite numbers bring $50,000 of lottery luck in the Bonus Match 5 game
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A man from Maryland in the USA is celebrating a $50,000 win on the Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 today after his favourite numbers won him a top prize.The lucky Bonus Match 5 winner, from Tuscarora in the Maryland county of Frederick, told lottery officials that he buys lottery tickets as part of his routine every Sunday, and that is exactly what he did last Sunday when he stopped off at a One Stop Deli in Point of Rocks. The 60-year-old lottery winner said that he used his favourite lucky numbers, which are a combination of family birthdays, to buy tickets for the next seven days of Bonus Match 5 games.He Maryland man chose numbers 1, 12, 26, 30 and 35, and took his tickets home, not checking them until the seven days of drawing had passed. What happened when he did check them, however, was mind-boggling, because the anonymous Bonus Match 5 player had won $50,000 in the very first drawing on Sunday, July 15th. Another Maryland Bonus Match 5 winner did so using family birthdays and anniversaries, while a couple from Nova Scotia in Canada won their Lotto 649 prize thanks to their grandchildren’s birthdays.“I scrolled down and saw some familiar numbers,” the lottery player said. “I said, ‘Oh good,’ but it was still quite surreal.” The Bonus Match 5 winner is a retired employee of Montgomery County Public Schools, and he said that despite his excitement, he didn’t want to wake his wife up with his good news until the morning. Another Bonus Match 5 winner from this month was about to celebrate his 70th birthday in style thanks to his $50,000 windfall.“I checked those numbers three times,” said the Frederick County man’s wife. “When he showed me how much he won, I still couldn’t believe it.” The Bonus Match 5 ticket was checked for the date and numbers several more times, before the couple could actually believe their luck. A Californian who won $750,000 on a scratch off had to check and recheck his ticket several times before he could believe his luck.“I really didn’t believe it was real until today,” the winner said as he attended Maryland Lottery headquarters. “Now, we can celebrate.” The father and grandfather plans to donate some of his Bonus Match 5 winnings to charity, pay bills, and renovate the couple’s kitchen. A EuroMillions winner from Halifax in England was planning to renovate her kitchen after a £1 million win.Trust your luck and play online with us at