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Financial struggles over for $20m Australian Powerball winner
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A woman from Sydney, Australia had to rely on her husband sorting through his change just so he could buy her a coffee. On March 22 their problems ended when she won a $20m Australian Powerball jackpot.Her win was one of two division one winning entries in the Australian Powerball draw. The winning numbers were 10-17-22-30-35-40 and the Powerball 07. The other winner comes from Western Australia but has yet to claim their prize just like the unclaimed $55m Australian Powerball jackpot won on January 11.The Sydney winner has asked to remain anonymous just like the Queensland man who won a $10m Australian Powerball top prize.Not only did she win $20m but the lucky player also had 19 division two wins, giving her a total win of $20.55m. Days after her Australian Powerball win she’s still in shock at what’s happened. She recalled checking her Australian Powerball account and couldn’t believe it when she saw how much she’d won and wouldn’t believe it until she received a phone call.The shocked Australian Powerball winner told her husband “I think I’ve just won Powerball – it says it here’." She joked as recalling that her husband nearly had a heart attack when hearing the news. Since her big Australian Powerball win, the lucky player hasn’t been able to sleep and keeps checking her account to see if the win really had happened.The win couldn’t have come at a better time, just as it did for an unemployed man from Western Sydney who won $50m playing Australian Powerball.Recently her husband has had to juggle work and looking after their young children. “It’s been struggle after struggle,” said the Australian Powerball winner. A couple from Western Australia said their $1m Oz Lotto win took them off "struggle street."An example of their problems was the fact that two days before their Australian Powerball win, the husband had to scrape together all the change in his car just to buy her a coffee. Now the delighted player jokes “I might go buy a Café now."The couple have been renting their current home, but this Australian Powerball win means they can buy their first house, which is a dream come true for them, just as it did for Welsh couple Michelle and Barrie Fender who were able to buy their council house after a £1m UK Lotto win.Let Fate surprise you and purchase your lottery tickets online at