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French native claims first EuroMillions jackpot of the year
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A mother from the Gard department in southern France has finally come forward as the first EuroMillions jackpot winner of the year from the country, after winning €15 million at the beginning of February.The lottery winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, won her prize on Tuesday, February 3rd, which is the first EuroMillions top prize win of the year in France and also the largest lottery win ever paid in her region, Gard. Speaking to local press France Bleu, the lottery winner claimed her ticket in the region's largest town of Nimes, and told lottery officials and the assembled press that her choice of numbers was the result of much consultation amongst her family.In fact, the EuroMillions winner's daughter told the press that each of the family members had their own numbers "We each had our numbers, I was 17," she said, adding that the numbers didn't have any special meaning between the family numbers, they were just numbers that they liked. Between the family members, they agreed on the two Lucky Stars that they chose for the EuroMillions ticket.The EuroMillions winner described her win as a "tremendous boost" for the entire family, and she said that they would be splitting the jackpot amongst them all, in order to enable investments in real estate. However, as well as putting the majority of the money towards property, the winners are also going to try to stretch their EuroMillions win amongst as many relatives as possible, and take a big trip together.As the French winner has finally come forward, the EuroMillions lottery was drawn on Friday night with a top prize offered worth £37.8 million, however no player was able to match the winning numbers 4, 10, 14, 37 and 46 as well as Lucky Stars 4 and 7. Instead, the jackpot will be worth an estimated £42 million for its next draw on Tuesday, February 24th, and don't forget that Friday March 6th will bring a EuroMillions SuperDraw worth a minimum of £80 million.Purchase your tickets online now at for your chance of winning.