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Holiday of a lifetime for Irish Lotto winners
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A retired couple from Kerry in Ireland are planning the holiday of a lifetime after winning €150,000 on the Irish Lotto.The lucky Lotto winners said that they plan to use their winnings to enjoy their retirement, and they will travel around the world in style “without scrimping and saving.” The winners told Irish Lotto officials that they could not hide their delight after winning their jackpot, and all of the opportunities that it has opened up for them in their retirement.“This is huge for us,” one of the lucky Irish Lotto winners said. “While we haven’t won millions, this amount will still go a long way for us to enjoy our retirement.” After winning £30,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery, a couple from Scotland planned a new car and holidays, while an Irish Lotto syndicate were looking forward to travelling first class after winning €8.5 million.The couple are now going to start planning for some holidays and trips, and they can’t wait to start planning without worrying about money. Their Irish Lotto ticket won the Lotto Match 5 + Bonus prize on Wednesday, June 20th, and they both said that they were shocked when they saw the draw on TV.“It was a huge shock to the system, that’s for sure,” the Irish Lotto winners said. “We were at home last Wednesday night looking at the draw on TV and we noticed straight away that we had quite a good few numbers called out.”The couple admitted that they had no idea how much they’d won and so they had to look it up on their computer. “Up popped a message to say we had won nearly €150,000! It was magical.” A couple from Dublin said that they would also retire in style thanks to their Irish Lotto win.The lucky Irish Lotto winners plan to celebrate their win with their family and friends before they begin their travels. “We plan to share the win with our children, but we have a bucket list of holiday destinations that we want to get through and now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy our retirement with some holidays of a lifetime.” A grandfather from New South Wales in Australia planned to share and celebrate with all of his family after winning $3 million on the Australia Powerball, while a UK Lotto winning family all celebrated together when they claimed their £18 million windfall.Purchase your tickets online at, for your chance of also becoming a winner.