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How to spend a €109.1m SuperEnalotto jackpot
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How you could spend a €109m SuperEnalotto jackpot

Italy’s SuperEnalotto draw again ended in a rollover on Saturday, meaning Tuesday’s upcoming draw will have a €109.1m/£97.37m jackpot. It’s a massive amount to win, so just in case you are lucky enough to win the top prize, here’s some ideas on how you could spend your amazing windfall.First on your shopping list could be a car but a bit more spectacular than the Audi 3 purchased by Englishman Andrew Nabb after he won £247,513 playing the EuroMillions draw.For €3.89m you can go out and buy a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita which is the most expensive street-legal production car in the world. In fact, you could go and buy a few for your friends too which is just what £148m EuroMillions winner Gillian Bayford did. This amazing car has a Diamond Weave with actual diamond-dust-impregnated resin and has a total output of 1,004 horsepower.That’s a good way to start spending your SuperEnalotto winnings, but some lottery winners decide to spend their windfall on sporting interests. Lou Te Keti from New Zealand won a $10.3 New Zealand Powerball jackpot and then bought some horses with his eyes set on winning the Melbourne Cup. The record price for a horse is €56.8m for Fugaichi Pegasus but you can of course use a similar purchase as an investment, particularly when it goes to stud.Investing in a football team is often the dream of a lottery winner. £4.8m EuroMillions winner Lee Mullen put some cash into Alfreton Town, but with your big SuperEnalotto win you can set your sights a bit higher than a non-league side. Perhaps you fancy buying Championship side Sunderland. Their owner is prepared to give his shares away for free, but the buyer may have to spend all their SuperEnalotto winnings paying off the club’s debts.Perhaps you’ll be safer just going out and buying the house of your dreams. After winning a £108m EuroMillions jackpot, Englishman Neil Trotter purchased a mansion that had its own lake. With your SuperEnalotto jackpot winnings you could afford a glorious house in the class of the 4,971 sq. ft penthouse in Hong Kong that has its own parking spaces and a swimming pool and was on offer last year for just €54m.All these purchases may sound like dreams, but lotteries do make dreams come true, so hopefully this Tuesday will see you win the €109.1m SuperEnalotto jackpot. Purchase your tickets online now at