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Irish Family Delighted at €5,000 EuroMillions Win and then get another €1m
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A family from the southeast of Ireland paid a visit to a hospital and bough a EuroMillions ticket for the Friday August 3 draw that eventually saw them win €1,005,000 after receiving a €1m bonus in the ‘Ireland Only Raffle.’The lucky winners have asked to remain anonymous just like the recent winner of a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 winner from Maryland, USA, who was given the nickname ‘Cooking Queen.’ A recent National Lottery survey said that one in ten EuroMillions winners in Ireland would keep their win a secret from their family and friends.Their winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased from the Aramark store at the University Hospital in Waterford, where they were visiting a sick friend. The family were delighted when they saw that they checked the EuroMillions results online and saw that they had won a €5,000 prize in the EuroMillions draw. They spent the weekend celebrating their luck but had an inkling that they had won a lot more than that.A family spokesperson for the EuroMillions winning family said: “When I mentioned to one of the kids that I had bought the ticket at the hospital in Waterford, they said the winning one million Euro “Ireland Only Raffle” ticket was sold there. There was an unbelievable scramble to find out if we were the lucky winner of the extra €1 million prize.”That’s exactly what had happened, and the family weren’t able to sleep all weekend. When they finally got confirmation from the National Lottery about the full amount they’d won it was “a huge relief.” It’s the latest big win in Ireland after a family in Limerick won €111,271 playing the Irish Lotto draw.The €1,005,000 win will be split between the lucky winners just as the five men who won a $60m Lotto Max jackpot in April of this year did. Also sharing a big win was a syndicate from Limerick, Ireland who landed a €4.3m Irish Lotto windfall.They are an incredibly close family so winning as a group is absolutely perfect for them. The family spokesperson insisted that they won’t get carried away with their EuroMillions win. Spending plans include paying off mortgages before any celebratory spending.This was the fourth EuroMillions Draw ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ in 2018 where one player in Ireland is guaranteed to win €1m. Previous winners in 2018 have come from Dublin, Waterford and Galway.You too could be the next big winner... just play online with us at