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Lucky for Life player leaves winning ticket unchecked until dad comes to visit
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A Michigan lottery player who won big on a Lucky for Life ticket left his winner unchecked for months until his father came to visit him.Bhavik Patel from Kentwood, Michigan, told Michigan Lottery officials that his winning ticket was left in a pile of unchecked lottery tickets for two months until his father came to visit. “I bought the ticket when I was visiting my sister, who lives in Lansing,” the 29-year-old lottery player said. “I never thought about it again until my dad came to me with a shocked look on his face to tell me I won.”A North Carolina woman won $1 million on the Powerball lottery but didn’t realise at first as she thought somebody else was the local winner.The Lucky for Life winner said that when his father came to stay, he stumbled upon the pile of tickets on his desk and so he took it upon himself to start checking them. “I buy tickets and a lot of times I will forget to check them right away,” the lottery winner said. “If he hadn’t done that, who known when, or if, I would have found out that I had won.” A woman from Ireland won €112,469 on the Irish lotto, and she also had her father to thank after he bought the ticket for her.Mr Patel’s winning Lucky for Life ticket was purchased for the April 23rd drawing, and he bought it from a Speedway Gas Station on Marsh Road in Haslett. The winning numbers were 7, 12, 20, 27 and 48. Recently a Michigan Lottery player from Lansing won $1 million on the Mega Millions and planned to expand his business.The lucky Michigan Lottery player chose to take his Lucky for Life prize as an annuity, which will pay him $25,000 a year for life, or for 20 years, whichever is the greater. Mr Patel plans to use his Lucky for Life winnings to pay off some bills, but the rest will be saved for the future. Another Michigan Lottery winner who scored $189,000 on the Club Keno bought a drink for everyone at the bar to celebrate.“Knowing I can count on this for the rest of my life gives me such a sense of security.” A recent lotto Max winning couple from Canada said they were pleased to have financial freedom thanks to their $500,000 windfall.Trust your good luck and purchase your tickets online now at