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Maryland player wins $50,000 Powerball prize thanks to family birthdays
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A woman from Woodlawn in Maryland has won a huge $50,000 Powerball jackpot all thanks to a set of regular numbers which include family birthdays.The retired General Motors employee has been buying tickets for both Mega Millions and Powerball drawings ever since the Maryland Lottery began selling them, and she’s used the very same numbers every time as well. “Even back when Mega Millions was called ‘The Big Game’ and Powerball wasn’t even here yet, I played them,” the lucky woman explained. Earlier this year a Maryland man who also played jackpot games every week won a $50,000 prize on the Powerball lottery.The Maryland winner said that she has always had faith in her lucky numbers and know that somebody she would win a big prize. That day turned out to be July 18th, and her big prize was a $50,000 Powerball win. Over the years, her lucky numbers have some her small prizes, but never anything as large as this most recent windfall. Another Maryland woman has won a big lottery prize thanks to family birthday and anniversaries, while earlier this month a man from Maryland won $50,000 on the Bonus Match 5 using his lucky numbers.The Powerball ticket was purchased from Wabash Discount Liquors in Baltimore for the drawing on July 18th, and the 77-year-old Maryland woman said that she decided to check the draw results before she went to bed that night. “When I saw my numbers on the screen there for Powerball, I got so excited!” she told lottery officials, adding that she spent a few minutes thanking God and then called her son and her sister. “Finally, it happened!” A syndicate from Maryland who had been playing together for 15 years finally saw their determination come to fruition when they won a $50,000 prize on the Powerball.The Powerball winner said that some of her $50,000 will go towards paying off some bills, and she hopes to upgrade the vacation that she has just booked with her son. Otherwise, the rest of the money will be set aside for her family, and she won’t stop playing lottery games.“I’m very grateful for this win,” she said. “I’ll keep playing just in case there’s more luck in these numbers, maybe even the jackpot kind of luck.” A man from Kansas who won $742,354 on the Super Kansas Cash lottery said that he wouldn’t stop playing the lottery.Make sure you give yourself a chance of winning by playing now with Lottery24!