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Michigan Keno player wins $500,000 while on her lunch break
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A woman from Macomb County in Michigan, USA, has won $500,000 on a Keno lottery ticket during a gas station stop on her lunch break.The 42-year-old woman, who chose to keep her identity private as she claimed her $500,000 lottery prize from Michigan Lottery officials, won thanks to a Club Keno Extra ticket which matched the right numbers 1, 5, 5, 7, 0, 6 and 1. The winnings Michigan Lottery ticket was purchased from a BP gas station, just like the scratch card winner who took home $350,000 after winning on three different tickets purchased at a BP gas station. This Club Keno ticket came from the BP on West Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake.The Keno winner said that she then took her ticket back to work with her and watched the drawing take place. She said that she saw each number come up one by one and couldn’t quite believe her eyes. “When I saw the numbers come in I was stunned,” the Keno winner told Michigan Lottery officials. “It was hard to focus on work for the rest of the day.” A Connecticut lottery player also recently won $100,000 on the Cash 5 while on his lunch break, while a restaurant worker from Maryland won a $50,000 scratch off lottery prize while taking his break.In fact, it was hard for her to focus on much else for the rest of the day, and once she got home the Keno Lottery winner had her husband watched a replay of the drawing over and over again. The Michigan woman had similar feelings as a Welsh EuroMillions winner who was able to stop worrying about money after winnings £1 million: “My husband and I have always worked hard and winning this means we won’t have to worry about our finances anymore,” the Keno Lottery winner said, adding that they’ll now be able to stop working so much overtime, and that the couple will be able to spend more time together as a family. An Oz Lotto winner from Cairns in Australia said that her $40 million prize would enable more quality family time.The couple said that the Keno Lottery winnings will be used to pay off their existing debt, and the rest will be saved up for their future, giving them a more financially stable outlook.Trust your good luck and purchase your tickets online at