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Michigan lottery winner gives entire $500,000 scratch card to his brother
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A Michigan Lottery player who won $500,000 on a scratch card has shocked his brother by giving him the ticket to keep.Recently, a Michigan woman won $1 million on the Mega Millions lottery, and now the most recent lottery winner, from Macomb County, found out that his ticket was a winner at his local store, and then went home to give it to his brother. “My brother came home from the store and gave me the scratch card to look over,” said the eventual winner when he spoke to Michigan Lottery officials, explaining that at first he had no idea of his brother’s plans. “I looked at the ticket and saw the ‘500000’ symbol and congratulated my brother.” A brother and sister from Australia recently shared a $1.3 million Australian Saturday Lotto prize.It was then that the winner was shocked by his brother’s generosity. “That’s when he told me he wanted to give the winning scratch card to me,” the $500,000 winner said. “I couldn’t believe it.” A lot of lottery winners give some of their windfall away to family, such as a couple from Ireland who planned to give their entire €200,000 Lotto winnings to their grandchildren.Both brothers attended Michigan Lottery headquarters to claim the prize, and the original scratch card winner told lottery officials that he wanted to give the winnings to his brother because he is better at managing finances. “It didn’t feel real when I scratched the ticket off,” he said. “I’ve played for a long time but never thought I’d actually win a big prize.” Two brothers in law from Missouri won $20,000 on the Mega Millions after making an agreement to share any win over $5,000.The winnings are now going to go towards investment in a business, although it was not clear which brother will be reaping the rewards from that investment, or whether it will be a joint venture. A college student from Maryland in the USA wanted to invest his $50,000 scratch card winnings.The winning ticket was purchased from New Northend Market, on Coolidge Highway in Oak Park, Michigan.The chosen scratch card was a Lucky Streak ticket which launched in Michigan in April 2017, and in the last year has paid out more than $16 million in prize money to Michigan Lottery players.Somebody’s got to win it, it might as well be you... purchase your tickets online at