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The misery of the store owner who sold a $55m winning Australian Powerball ticket
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The owner of the lucky ticket that won a $55m jackpot in the January 11 Australian Powerball draw still hasn’t come forward. It’s starting to get a bit stressful for Sam Misiano, the owner of the store that sold the winning ticket.Not a day goes by without the owner of the Brunswick Scole Lotto & News store going through seemingly endless conversations with customers, explaining why they might be the winner but just happen to have lost their ticket. Perhaps the lucky winner has the ticket in their purse like Barbara Yiesley from Iowa, USA, who took five months to claim her $50,000 Powerball prize."I've heard everything. It's out of this world," said Mr Misiano. "I've had so many numbers now with stories. One lady believed she threw the ticket away." He’s had people crying in his store and one upset lady even wanted to go through their CCTV footage to prove she bought the winning ticket. In England, there was plenty of problems for Natu Patel after it was revealed his store had sold a £33m winning UK Lotto ticket."There has to be a really good percentage without reasonable doubt," he added. "It's a lot of money, there's been a lot of stories." The news agency has put up signs encouraging the winner to come forward, but the actual Australian Powerball jackpot winner is still unknown.Misiano may be complaining about all the hassle he’s enduring but he probably won’t complain when checking his accounts. He said that his store has been three times busier since news broke of them selling the winning Australian Powerball ticket. "We're the lucky shop now," he said.However, he can’t wait for the Australian Powerball winner to finally come forward and says the notice will come down in a fortnight if the winner still hasn’t come forward. "Please put me out of misery," he said. Some winners do take a while to claim their prizes. A family from Louisiana, USA, took two months to claim their $191.1m Powerball jackpot win. A winning syndicate from Ireland also took a couple of months before claiming their €29,526 EuroMillions prize.Hopefully the winner will give some of their winnings to the store, just like a £74,900 UK Lotto winner in England did. The winning numbers in the January 11 Australian Powerball draw were 05-07-11-32-34-38 and the Powerball 12.Play your favourite lottery online at, and get a chance of becoming next big winner.