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Players chasing trio of massive lottery jackpots
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Christmas is less than a week away and there are some massive lottery jackpots to be won. Both the Powerball and Mega Millions top prizes are over the 200 million dollars mark and Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw has a £118m jackpot just waiting to be won.It’s already been a big year for players of the EuroMillions draw, but it’d be amazing to win over 100 million pounds just days away from Christmas. The summer saw EuroMillions celebrate its 1000th draw. As the summer progressed, the EuroMillions jackpot kept on climbing and on September, there was a EuroMillions Superdraw with the top prize €130m.That massive jackpot wasn’t won, and the top prize kept on rolling over until it reached its maximum amount. Eventually a ticket sold in Spain won a €190m EuroMillions jackpot. Now we’re in December and the EuroMillions jackpot just keeps climbing and climbing. The Tuesday 19 December draw will see players hoping and praying that they will be the winners of the £118m jackpot. Perhaps they’ll be using some superstitions to try and land that big win.Over in the USA, players are buying tickets galore as they chase the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw has a $223m top prize with a cash value option of $141m. October saw some changes made to the Mega Millions lottery and it was hoped they would produce higher Mega Millions jackpots, and it’s worked.This year has already seen some massive wins with Patricia Busking from Illinois, USA, landing a $393m Mega Millions jackpot in the August 11 draw. Also winning a huge amount this year was Wayne Harris from New York, USA, who used his own special system to win himself a $105m Mega Millions top prize. Perhaps it might work for him again this week.The largest available jackpot at present is in Wednesday’s Powerball draw On December 20, players will be doing their level best to choose the numbers that will win them a massive $269m jackpot which has a one-off cash value of $171.3m.Last week we told you of a family from Louisiana, USA, that won a $191.1m Powerball jackpot. Their Powerball winning ticket took a ride in a helicopter and if someone can win the jackpot on Wednesday or perhaps on Christmas Eve, then they will be flying high.So best of luck to everyone chasing these massive jackpots and let’s hope they deliver an early Christmas present... purchase your tickets online now at!