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How recent trends could help win you the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot
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Friday November 6 sees the next EuroMillions Superdraw with a fantastic 100m Euro (£72m) jackpot guaranteed. You’ll need plenty of luck to get your hands on that jackpot, and winning the £8.8m UK Lotto jackpot in the November 4 draw wouldn’t be bad either would it? So let’s have a look at some recent trends and see if we can make you a millionaire.There have been some big EuroMillions jackpot winners recently including a UK player who won £35m. This is the first EuroMillions Superdraw since June but how would you spend a 100m Euros jackpot? That figure is a big jump this time around because the jackpot in Tuesday’s draw is only £39m after Friday’s EuroMillions draw ended in a rollover.Each EuroMillions draw has 50 main balls to choose from and recent results have seen a lack of high numbers. The past three draws have failed to see any numbers over 39 come out. Is that a trend that will continue this week, particularly in the Superdraw?There are also two lucky stars that you need to match in order to win the massive jackpot and the past four draws have been poor for low numbers. Of the last eight lucky star numbers only one has been below 6. Will it stay that way or are those low numbers the key to success?Besides, there’s an £8.8m jackpot up for grabs in Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw. Recent changes to the UK Lotto saw ten extra balls added to the draw and recent results have been rather strange: the first UK Lotto draw with 59 numbers took place on October 10 and every single draw since their introduction has seen at least one of the new numbers drawn out.On three occasions two of the new balls came out and the October 24 draw saw three 50+ numbers appear. In fact, the last three draws have seen eight of the 24 main balls drawn out being numbers between 50 and 59. Only 56 and 57 are yet to be drawn out. Will these new numbers continue to make appearances this week?Listen to your intuition and purchase your lottery tickets online at