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Retirement is on the horizon for Maryland Multi-Match winner
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For a man from Carroll County in Maryland, USA, the prospect of retirement is much closer than it was a few weeks ago as he won $2.35 million on the Multi-Match lottery.The lucky lottery player, who worked on computer equipment which helps to guide US Navy pilots to their targets, played the Multi-Match lottery on October 4th and found himself with a whole new target in mind. The Maryland Lottery player said that he now has retirement on his mind, thanks to his $2.35 million jackpot win. Recently a big fan of Maryland’s Multi-Match lottery won $700,000 on the game, while another Maryland man used birthdates for his numbers when he scored $1.9 million on the Multi-Match game.The prospective retiree bought several tickets for the Multi-Match lottery the day before the drawing, from his local store Carroll Liquors. He told lottery officials that he watched the drawing take place and saw his numbers come up as they were drawn. A veteran US Marine recently won a huge Keno lottery prize and he decided to retire after taking the $12,506 home.However, the player had a few tickets to check, and his winner was in the last few that he looked through. “When I saw the numbers, I called my wife and checked it on the phone,” the Carroll County man told Maryland Lottery officials. “I’ve been shaking ever since.”The Multi-Match winner claimed his prize with his wife by his size at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore and told lottery officials that he had only had about two hours as he had been so excited. “I’m hurting today,” he said.The Multi-Match winner said that his wife is going to retire straight away, while he will continue working for a few more years to make sure that their outstanding bills are all paid off. Once they’ve both stopped working, retirement is looking rather sweet. A Canadian from Ontario won $1 million on the national Lotto Max game on the very same day that she retired.“We’ll be watching the grandkids,” he said, adding that they’ll be taking plenty of trips to the beach. “We rough it real hard!” he said. A Western Australian couple said that they would be spending a lot more time with their grandchildren after winning $1 million on the Australia Lotto.You never know when Good Fortune is going to strike, so get ready for it and purchase your tickets online at