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Syndicate Celebrating after $60m Australian Powerball Win
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Syndicate Celebrating after $60m Australian Powerball Win

A syndicate of ten players from Townsville in North Queensland, Australia have been busy celebrating. They won a $60 million jackpot in the Australian Powerball draw held on Thursday 1 July.

Each syndicate member will receive $6 million and one of the lucky winners recalled how he was told of his Australian Powerball win. He was at home watching football when The Lott called him with the fantastic news.

His immediate response was “Holy s**t” and then he bizarrely said: “If it was raining movie stars, I’d end up with Lassie.” He was of course totally shocked at learning he was now a millionaire and said: “Can I just write that down that amount?”

Sleepless Night Ahead

A sleepless night lay ahead for the Australian Powerball winner as he tried to accept what had happened. “I think I can live with that,” he joked. Asked how he’ll spend his winnings, the lucky player said: “Put it this way, my children and grandchildren can live a very comfortable life now!”

One of the other syndicate members told how she broke the amazing news to her husband. He was in the neighbouring room when she found out about her Australian Powerball win.

Another of the North Queensland winners took great delight in breaking the news to her husband in the neighbouring room. He just kept shaking his head in disbelief at what had happened.

The Happiest Person in the World

The winner says she regularly buys syndicate entries, especially when there is a big jackpot to be won. Her children had told her “if anyone’s going to win Powerball, it’s you!” That’s just what happened and now she calls herself “the happiest person in the world.”

One syndicate member says he will use his Australian Powerball winnings to take early retirement possibly the day after he found out he’d won the jackpot. Another winning couple said that they don’t usually buy syndicate entries.  One of them said: “I’m not quite sure why we decided to! He added: “You have just made our life. Thank you very much!”

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