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Time is running out for unsuspecting EuroMillions winners
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Wednesday 22nd January might not be a notable date to you, however for several unsuspecting British citizens, it is the last day on which they can claim their EuroMillions winnings.The 180 day period during which lottery winners can claim their prizes is coming to an end for winning tickets purchased for the draw on July 26th 2013, meaning that three winners, one from Hull and the other two from Scotland, now have less than ten days before their lottery winnings go back into the EuroMillions fund.The lottery winner from Hull in East Yorkshire, won £252,202 in the draw on 26th July by matching all of the five main numbers 12, 23, 29, 38 and 49 and one out of the two Lucky Stars 3 and 4. All that we know so far about this mystery winner is that they bought the ticket in Hull; however lottery officials refuse to give away any more information such as where and when the ticket was bought as a way of discouraging false claimants.Camelot, which runs the UK Lotto and the EuroMillions lottery in the UK, said that it is very unusual for prizes this large to go unclaimed for so long, and they are urging all lottery players in the Hull area to check, double check and triple check any old tickets in case they are the winner.While Hull searches for its £250,000 winner, Scotland is searching for two unsuspecting millionaires who each won in the EuroMillions millionaire raffle last July and are yet to claim their prizes. Two of the winning tickets, one bought in Fife and one in East Dunbartonshire, were won on the lottery draw on July 26th, meaning that, as the winner in Hull, they have until January 22nd to claim their prizes.Besides these three winners, the clock is ticking even faster for another millionaire raffle winner, also from Fife, who bought their winning lottery ticket for the draw on July 23rd, giving them only until this Saturday, July 19th. So make sure you check your tickets, you never know, it could be you!If you buy your EuroMillions tickets online at you will be informed of all your winnings.