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Twelve winning National Lottery tickets worth £1 million each are still unclaimed
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According to a recent news release from the National Lottery, there are currently 12 unclaimed Lotto tickets in the UK, each worth £1 million.National Lottery officials said that of those 12 winning tickets, three of them were purchased in the county of Staffordshire, meaning that one quarter of the unclaimed prizes belong to those in the county. Of those three that aren’t claimed yet, one was purchased in Newcastle, one in Stoke on Trent, and the other in Stafford. Another Staffordshire winner was an Asda employee who almost missed out on her £1 million EuroMillions win two years ago.To claim their prizes, National Lottery players have six months after the draw date to make a valid claim, otherwise the prize money will go towards National Lottery projects and causes. The three Staffordshire tickets were all purchased within the last five months, and so the deadline for claiming is looming. Recently we told you about a search for two big lottery winners in Ireland who hadn’t claimed their prizes from January, and a grandmother from Western Australia who almost passed the deadline without claiming her Oz Lotto prize because she’d lost the ticket!The Newcastle ticket was purchased for the UK Lotto drawing on January 17th, and the winner therefore has until July 16th to claim, while the ticket bought in Stoke was for the Euro Millions drawing on 23rd February, and that player has until 22nd August to claim their prize.Meanwhile, the Stafford ticket was purchased for the drawing on 7th April, and that player has a little longer to claim as the winning UK Lotto ticket won’t expire until 4th October. Hopefully, all 12 winners will come forward eventually, just like a Maryland Powerball winner who claimed her $50,000 prize just days before it expired, and a syndicate of factory workers from Indiana who collected their Powerball winnings just in time.Lottery officials have been keen to find these winning lottery players for a while now, as a National Lottery official said earlier in the year about the Newcastle winner, “We’re eager to find the mystery ticket-holder and unite them with their winnings.”The UK National Lottery spokesperson continued to say that the £1 million prizes could well make a huge difference to somebody’s life, it would be a shame if the deadline passed without the prizes being claimed!Play online with us at, and we will inform you in writing of all your winnings.