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Two birthdays help win $1.9m Multi-Match jackpot
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One way in which players choose their numbers for the next lottery draw is to use birthdays and for a 79-year-old man from Gaithersburg in Maryland, USA, it paid off as he won the $1.9m jackpot in the May 7 Multi-Match draw, but he did so by using two of his own birth dates.An administrative error had given the lucky Multi-Match winner two birth dates when he was born in 1939. For most of his life he’s been using April 23 as his birthday, but recently discovered his real birth date is April 21. He considers both dates to be lucky and that’s been proved by this Multi-Match jackpot win. In Colorado, USA, Judy Finchum used birthdays for her numbers and won a $133.2m Powerball jackpot. Lisa Forgie from Scotland won £51,355 playing UK Lotto and chose the numbers she used to play with her ex-partner.The Multi-Match jackpot winner has asked to remain anonymous just like the recent $5m scratchcard winner from New York City, USA. The Maryland resident is only the second Multi-Match jackpot winner of the year with the previous winner being in the January 18 draw. The winning numbers in the May 7 draw were 03 - 04 - 09 - 21- 23 - 39. The winning Multi-Match ticket was purchased from Brighton Beer & Wine in Gaithersburg.The jackpot winner found out about his lottery success the day after the Multi-Match draw when he returned home between work shifts. “I was scanning the newspaper and flipped to the Lottery section first, and when I saw the numbers my eyes just grew bigger and bigger,” he said.The Multi-Match winner got on the phone right away to tell his wife their great news. That’s unlike William Richards from Wales who waited seven hours before telling his wife about their £1m UK Lotto win.“When I told her how much we had won, at first she didn’t believe me!” said her husband. It’s the latest win in Maryland after Terry Moats won a $50,007 Powerball prize. The Multi-Match winner has opted to take his prize as a one-off cash option which will see him receive $1.45m before taxes.The couple want to have a chat with a financial adviser to discuss what to do with their windfall but have already decided to use their Multi-Match winnings to pay off bills and make a donation to their church.Whatever your plans might be for your lottery windfall, purchase your tickets online at