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Is that unclaimed EuroMillions prize yours?
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On the same day which was the deadline for the ticket-holder to claim their prize for the £64m EuroMillions jackpot, another prize, slightly smaller, but still worth went also unclaimed. Admittedly this lotto prize was not as huge and didn’t attract as much media attention, but even so, £102,891.70 is not to be sniffed at.

There are plenty of people out there who would have loved to have been in possession of that winning EuroMillions ticket. Unfortunately, whoever purchased it in the Monmouth area for the 8th June draw failed to check the EuroMillions results, and to claim their lotto bounty. Not to worry, as a Lottery spokeswoman pointed out, the Nation gains, since this and all other unclaimed EuroMillions and National Lottery prizes go to the Good Causes Fund. According to the National Lottery’s website, 380,000 good causes have been helped by the money generated from lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes. A whopping £30m a week goes to the National Lottery Good Causes Fund - that’s a lot of well spent money.

And it seems they could be in for even more money, according to the National Lottery’s list of unclaimed prizes. A ticket-holder in the Basildon area has until 6th January 2013 to claim their EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize of £1m from this year’s 10th July draw. That’s just over 3 weeks. What a very Happy New Year that could be. In fact almost half of the unclaimed prizes on their list are due to expire at the end of January next year. 5 of these are EuroMillions prizes worth £1m each, that’s £5m alone. Ticket-holders have 180 days to claim their prize if they are in receipt of a winning lotto ticket. Check your pockets, down the back of your sofa, your car’s glove box...

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