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Weekend of near misses in major lottery draws
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It was a weekend of near-misses in the major lottery draws with no big jackpot winners and the EuroMillions top prize is now up to £85m.Thursday’s Bonloto draw produced a second-tier win of €153,766.61. More success followed on Friday with a €177,745.55 runners-up prize won and another second-tier win of €168,378.28 on Saturday so that’s five Bonoloto draws without a jackpot win.Friday’s EuroMillions top prize was £79.17m but will be up to £85m on Tuesday after another rollover. The numbers drawn were 06-15-24-28-49 and the two Lucky Stars 04 and 09. Recently, English student Alex Best won £1m in a EuroMillions draw.The EuroJackpot draw had a top prize of €82m but no tickets were able to match 10-23-26-29-35 and the two EuroNumbers 03 and 05. Two tickets matched the five main balls and one EuroNumber to both win €1.515.220,90. There were six third-tier winners each receiving €178.261,20. On Friday the jackpot will be €90m.In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday was $76m but saw no winners of the top or second-tier prizes. James Decker from Michigan, USA, previously won $1 playing Mega Millions, even though he found it hard to believe he had. The elusive numbers were 10-16-27-38-43 and the Mega Ball 01. On Tuesday there’s a $89m jackpot.The SuperEnalotto jackpot was €89.7m on Thursday but ended in a rollover with tickets unable to get 15-38-48-52-66-71 and the Jolly 39 but one ticket matched the five main numbers to win €175,682.71. Saturday saw players chasing a €90.9m top prize but again no jackpot win with the unmatched numbers 05-24-68-72-78-85 and the Jolly 12. Tuesday’s draw has a top prize of €92m which is almost as much as the €93.72m SuperEnalotto jackpot won by a ticket sold in Mestrino, Italy last February.Last Saturday saw two tickets share the £17.226m UK Lotto jackpot but there was to be no top prize win on Saturday 27 January. The numbers drawn were 29-33-43-45-49-56 and the Bonus Ball 16 but no tickets could win the £5.35m jackpot. On Wednesday, the top prize will be £6.8m.The Powerball jackpot on Saturday was $112.5m but will be $127m on Wednesday. That’s because no tickets were able to match 17-21-26-47-54 and the Powerball 07. There were two second-tier winners with the tickets that made their owners lottery millionaires being sold in North Carolina and Georgia. Last year, Teresa King from North Carolina won a $200,000 Powerball prize.The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw on Saturday had a €7m jackpot but tickets found it impossible to match 04-22-24-34-36-43 and the Bonus 06. On Wednesday, the jackpot will be €8m.It really was a weekend of near misses with 32 second-tier winners, each receiving €6,666. All failed to match 7-9-1-7-0-3 to win the top prize of €100,000. On Sunday, there was a runners-up prize of €149,688.43 in the El Gordo draw.This week could be a special one... just purchase your lottery tickets online at