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YouTube prankster gives homeless man a winning lottery ticket
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YouTube prankster Rahat Hossain gave a homeless man a ‘winning’ lottery ticket, only to watch the man break down in tears and attempt to share his $1,000 winnings.Rahat, who goes by the name of ‘Magic of Rahat’ on Youtube, is usually better known for pulling crazy pranks on ordinary people, scaring the victims while making his viewers laugh. He is an American magician and prankster. It is light-hearted viewing pleasure on demand that appeals to many. However, some were surprised to see the prankster share such a heart-warming stunt this week that will leave you crying with empathy rather than with laughter.Encountering a homeless man on a street in a city, the funny man approached him and explained that he had no money to share, but that he would like to give him his lottery ticket for the previous night’s draw. Explaining that he knew the ticket had won but that he didn’t know how much, Rahat took the homeless man to the local store in order to check the ticket and see how much lotto money they had won.Little did his new friend know that Rahat had already visited that store earlier that day, gave the store clerk a wad of ten $100 notes and arranged for the clerk to lie to the homeless man, telling him he had won a $1,000 lottery prize and pay out the money.Surely everybody is worthy of winning the lottery, we all work hard, go through rough times, need a bit of extra cash now and then, perhaps sometimes a bit more now than then, but have you ever sat down and wondered about who is the most worthy of winning the lottery.The whole idea of this so-called prank is a beautiful tale, but it is the reaction of the homeless man that really brings a tear to your eye and makes you wonder if there really is anybody as worthy as this man of winning the lottery. After the shock and disbelief of finding out he won the lottery, not only does the homeless man cry with real, raw emotion, but he also insists on sharing his prize with Rahat. Insisting that half of the prize is enough for him, he desperately tries to hand over the remaining lottery winnings to Rahat, telling him nobody has ever done anything this generous for him before.The video is insightful into the hearts and minds of people that on an ordinary day would pass by without a second glance. It is a video of greatness and of impact, and it is also a video which shows just how important the lottery is to our society.It is simple and easy to buy your lottery tickets online at