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$6.3m New Zealand Powerball Winners Just Couldn’t Stop Giggling
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How would you react when discovering you’d just become a lottery millionaire? Some people cry but for a couple from Auckland in New Zealand, they just couldn’t stop giggling. Not surprising, considered they had just won a $6.3m New Zealand Powerball prize in the draw held on August 25.The couple have asked that they remain anonymous just like the recent $20m Australian Powerball winner.  They didn’t find out about their New Zealand Powerball win until the day after the draw which is exactly what the €500,000 winning EuroMillions Plus winners from Donegal, Ireland did."I was having a Sunday morning lie-in when I noticed that I had an email from MyLotto in my inbox, which I thought was a bit unusual," the male half of the winning New Zealand Powerball winning couple said.He turned to his wife and told her they’d won $6000. He looked again at the email and suddenly told her: “Hold on a sec - we have all the numbers... what does that number say to you?'"  His wife was handed their laptop and she realised their New Zealand Powerball jackpot win wasn’t $6000 but $6m. The couple must love using low numbers because the winning numbers in the August 25 New Zealand Powerball draw were 03-04-08-09-13-15 and the Powerball 06. An Irish family thought they’d only won €5000 but had in fact won a €1,005,000 EuroMillions prize.The couple sat stunned for a few minutes and then they just started laughing. “Honestly, we couldn't stop giggling - we were hysterical. It was a moment of pure joy, we were absolutely fizzing.”  That’s the exact opposite reaction to a woman from New Zealand who couldn’t stop crying when finding out she’d won $1m playing the New Zealand Saturday Lotto.The New Zealand Powerball winners eventually calmed down and went out for breakfast and then a long drive thinking how they’d spend their winnings. The pair say that they want to help out their family and set their children up for the future. That’s just what Ruby Sorah from Florida, USA, did as she pledged to give her family all of her $43m Florida Lotto winnings.However, the New Zealand Powerball winning couple do intend to have some fun along the way. Perhaps they will go camping which is what Canadian Joan Patterson intends to do after her $60m Lotto Max jackpot win.You too could become a lotto winner, just purchase your tickets online at