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Brisbane man was ‘flabbergasted’ after winning Australian Powerball jackpot
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A man from Brisbane, Queensland has become a millionaire after winning the $40 million jackpot in Australia’s Powerball lottery game.The winner, who is in his 30s but has chosen to remain anonymous to the public, received his phone call from lottery officials at the weekend, after his ticket was the only jackpot prize winner in the Powerball draw on Thursday, April 10th. It is not uncommon for Australian Powerball winners to choose anonymity. Golden Casket spokeswoman Belinda McDougall, whose job it is to call the jackpot winners and let them know of their good fortune, said that when she got in touch with the Powerball winner “he was gobsmacked – that’s the only word for it.”According to Ms McDougall, after she had revealed the news there was silence on the other end of the phone for several moments, before the winner was able the gather his thoughts and respond with “that’s cool!” Ms McDougall said that understandably the Australian Powerball winner was shocked; “it’s an incredible amount of money,” she said. “He was flabbergasted.”The $40 million lottery win was one of the biggest that Australia has ever seen, and it has catapulted the mystery winner into the top 200 wealthiest people in the state on Queensland. The Australian Powerball winner has now become a member of the elite group known as “Ultra High Be Wealth Individuals”, all of whom have a net worth of at least $30 million.The winning numbers in this Australian Powerball draw were 36, 38, 21, 39, 29 and 22 while the Powerball number was 12, and it is known that the winner chose to have his numbers generated by random when he purchased his ticket. The man, who is also said to have a partner and children, did tell Ms McDougall that he wouldn’t be going on a spending spree any time soon, and will be thinking very long and hard about how he plans to spend his new found fortune.“We’ll take our time and do the right thing with this prize money,” he told the lottery spokeswoman, “we’re going to look after everyone that’s close to us.”The next big winner could be you… play your favourite lotteries online at