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Brother Convinced $35m Australian Powerball Winner to Buy Ticket
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A woman from Canberra in Australia is celebrating after winning a $35m Australian Powerball jackpot in the draw held on Thursday 4 August. Her win wouldn't have happened but for the insistence of her brother.The lucky Australian Powerball winner has opted to remain anonymous, just like a $23m Australian Powerball winner from Queensland did, but we do know she's in her 40s. This winner had no intention to go out and buy an Australian Powerball ticket, but it was her brother who insisted she go out and buy a ticket, probably never dreaming for a minute that his sister would win the $35m jackpot.The lucky Australian Powerball winner admits she doesn't often buy lottery tickets but it was her brother who convinced her to get one. Jerran Gonzalez from California, USA, won a $555,555 Power 5's scratchcard prize after his sister predicted the win.For almost a day the Canberra woman was unaware of her Australian Powerball jackpot win. Another couple in Canberra went four days before discovering their $20m Australian Lotto win. On Friday (5 August) she visited the Thistle Lottery kiosk at Woden in Canberra and discovered her amazing win. “I've never won anything before. I still can't believe this is happening,” said the shocked winner.Will she be retiring from work now she's an Australian Powerball winner? It looks that way as she commented, “'I might tell work I'm not coming in for a year- they can cope without me.' A couple from Victoria in Australia retired after their $40m Australian Lotto win. A group of workers from Manchester continued working despite a £2.9m UK Lotto jackpot windfall.Plans for her $35m Australian Powerball jackpot include lots of travelling and a holiday in Europe. The Australian Powerball winner knows she owes a “big thank you” to her persuasive brother who is a regular lottery player. “He religiously buys his weekly entry so he'll be really jealous but of course I'll give him some money as a big thank you,” said the jubilant winner.The winning numbers in the 4 August Australian Powerball draw were: 03-08-16-17-24-38 and the Powerball 05.To give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner, play now at