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EuroMillions wish list
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Winning the EuroMillions lottery is a real possibility. The numerous winners who have made the headlines over the years are testament to that. With two draws every week and big, attractive jackpots worth millions, it’s hard not to fantasise about what you would do with your own lottery windfall.Top of the list for past lottery winners has been a new home. Some go for a modest upgrade, whilst others go all out with a swanky, new palatial pad. For instance the Bayfords, who won £148 million on EuroMillions in 2012, swapped their three bedroom house for a seven bedroom Grade II-listed Georgian mansion, complete with 100 acres of land.The next big lottery jackpot winner might consider putting in an offer on the Kensington Roof Gardens in London. This much sought after 1.5-acre green space is currently on the market for £200 million. However, it does include two properties in its inflated price tag - 25 Kensington Square and 1 Derry Street. This prestigious London address with a garden, once a celebrity hotspot and annual host to pre-Wimbledon parties, is not to be sniffed at, whatever the price. The next EuroMillions lottery winner could do far worse than this piece of real estate in the Capital.Next on the lotto winners must-have list is a shiny new car, preferably flash and expensive. How about the new McLaren 12C Spider? It only costs £195,000, which is a mere drop in the ocean once you’ve secured the sale on Kensington Roof Gardens. And won’t it look good parked outside number 25 Kensington Square?!But why stop there when you can adorn your Spider with an opulent bonnet ornament to really show of your newfound lottery millionaire status? Pick up a coveted René Lalique glass embellishment from the 1920s and 30s, from as little as £16,000 at Bonhams’ auction in March.A long trip begins with a single step... so hurry up and buy your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at!