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Human Rights appeal to benefit from players of People’s Postcode Lottery
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A charity which works to defend the human rights of vulnerable groups in sub-Saharan Africa will receive a huge award from the People’s Postcode Lottery over the next five years.The Players of People’s Postcode Lottery, which funds worthy causes thanks to profits made from the People’s Postcode Lottery in the United Kingdom, is set to fund Human Rights Watch with a £3 million contribution over the next five years. The first year will see an initial amount of £600,000, which will go towards defending the right of women and children in Burundi, South Sudan, and Sudan.Most lotteries donate proceeds to charity, including the National Lottery in the UK which often grants money to charities, including a UK Mental Health Charity. However, it is not just the lotteries themselves which give to worthy causes, lots of lottery winners choose to contribute to charity after their big wins, including a Powerball winner from Tennessee who planned to give most of his $259.8 million jackpot to charity, and an Ontario Lotto Max winner who planned to visit a child that he sponsored in Africa.Human Rights Watch has been working for more than 30 years in sub-Saharan Africa, and aims to bring issues from the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in the world to those with more power, hoping to encourage change. The UK Director of Human Right Watch, David Mepham, said that the People’s Postcode Lottery contribution will help to protect the rights of millions.“We’re really excited and grateful to the lottery players for making such a significant award to Human Rights Watch,” Mr Mepham said. “Their help will enable us to investigate human rights violations that harm so many women and children, and to push for the policy changes needed to improve millions of lives.”Recently we told you about some neighbours from East Sussex who each won £25,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery, and since it began, the People’s Postcode Lottery has awarded more than £263 million to worthy causes not just in Great Britain but across the world, and charities supported have encompassed areas including cultural, environmental, quality, health and sports. Recently we told you about National Lottery contribution to a brain injury charity in England.Human Rights Watch documents some of the world’s biggest conflicts and publishes around 80 reports, 1,000 news releases and 150 videos each year, aiming to educate the rest of the world on the crises in less fortunate countries.