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Judge Freezes Part of $40m Australian Powerball Win
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Earlier this week we reported on the dispute over a $40m Australian Powerball win. The case has now been heard in the New South Wales Supreme Court and one 15th of the win has been frozen until the dispute has been resolved.14 players from the Prysmian Group shared the Australian Powerball win but fellow workmate Brendon King claims he should have also been part of the syndicate. His lawyer, Lachlan Gyles said his client had been part of the syndicate for the past four years. He asked Justice John Sackar for an injunction to be placed on the share his client should be receiving.It's the latest lottery dispute in Australia after rows broke out over a $16.6m Australian Powerball jackpot win. Two friends fell out over a $2.5m Tatts Lotto windfall. In the USA, Lynne Ann Poirier from Florida was forced to share a $1m Powerball payment with her ex-boyfriend. At least there have been no such problems for the family from Canberra, Australia after their $20m Australian Lotto win.The court heard how an original syndicate ended in January though with a new one started simply focusing on draws with really large jackpots. King claims he is part of that new syndicate. It was claimed that King had paid $50 to the registered ticket holder Robert Adams to be part of the syndicate and they'd had a conversation just before their May 5 winning Australian Powerball draw confirming he was in the syndicate.Michael Lee, representing Mr Adams claimed this was not the case and the plaintiff became part of a new syndicate from January. That had also been playing the Australian Powerball draws but had not had a jackpot win. He also said that claims a son of Mr Adams who doesn't work at the factory had become part of the winning Australian Powerball syndicate were “false based on evidence.”The dispute is seriously affecting Mr King and his family. He is suffering from stress and won't be returning to work in the “short-term.” The case will return to court on June 24.When playing online with us at you receive all your numbers in writing.