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Man takes superstition to extremes before claiming scratch off winnings
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A man from South Carolina, USA has revealed that he was so afraid of jinxing his good fortune that he didn’t shower or sleep before claiming his $250,000 scratch off prize.The lucky winner won $250,000 on a South Carolina Lottery scratch off ticket and said that for 24 hours he “didn’t shower, change clothes or sleep,” until he could get from his home in Burnettown to South Carolina Lottery headquarters in Columbia to claim his prize. An Australian Powerball jackpot winner also didn’t sleep before claiming his $50 million prize, while the winner of a €4.3 million Irish Lotto jackpot said that he also didn’t sleep a wink before claiming his syndicate’s prize.The lucky winner made the 60-mile trip in exactly the same condition that he’d been in the day before when he found out that his Emerald Green 10s ticket was a winner. A man from Wales ignored his superstitions when he bought a EuroMillions ticket on Friday 13th, and ended up winning £1 million.Lottery officials did not reveal the name of the lucky scratch off winner, but they said that he bought his ticket in Warrenville, close to the border of South Carolina and Georgia which is separated by the Savannah River. “My four children, which are cats, and I are going to enjoy this blessing,” the lucky winner told South Carolina lottery officials. Recently another South Carolina lottery player took home $2 million on the Powerball lottery, but he took some persuading before he’d believe it!The Burnettown man said that despite his extreme reaction to winning, he doesn’t plan on using his scratch off winnings in an extreme manner. “Nothing fancy, all I’m going to do is get a new home with a reasonable price tag,” he said when asked by SC Lottery officials, and added that he is thinking about taking a trip to Myrtle Beach as a celebration.Other than that, the lucky Emerald Green scratch off winner said that he doesn’t have any other plans, and he will keep his old truck as it is currently running without a problem. A Massachusetts $1 million scratch card winner also planned to continue living a modest life. The South Carolina man beat odds of 1 in 660,000 to win the top prize on his scratch off ticket of choice.The next lucky one could be you, purchase your tickets online now at