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Maryland “Scratch Off Queen” wins her biggest ever jackpot after years of winnings
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A Maryland woman who calls herself the “Scratch Off Queen” is celebrating her biggest ever win after a four-year winnings streak on various Maryland Lottery games.The winner, from Glen Burnie in Maryland, told lottery officials that over the last four years she’s won between $200 and $10,000 on Maryland Lottery scratch off games, but last month’s win is certainly her biggest yet. The big-time winner claimed a $50,000 prize on the $2,000,000 Fortune game, and she said if nothing else did, this win certainly backs up her nickname. A self-confessed scratch card fan from Maryland recently won $50,000 on a crossword game, while another lottery player who enjoys the scratch cards was Crystal Pinter, also from Maryland, who won $30,000 on one of her favourite lottery games.“I’m just lucky I guess,” the winner told Maryland Lottery officials, despite admitting that she felt intimidated by the $2,000,000 Fortune scratch off before winning. After leaving work last Saturday, the 61-year-old lottery fan told Lottery officials that she picked up one of the big scratch off tickets at a 7-Eleven store located on Dorsey Road in Hanover, and played the game while sitting in her car.After scratching off a “gold car” symbol, the “Scratch Off Queen” knew she had won something, but had no idea quite how much. “I thought, ‘Yay, I get my money back,’” the lottery winner said. “But, I was freaking out when I saw it was really $50,000.”The mother of two grown children said that she immediately called her husband to break the good news. “I made him guess how much I won,” she said. “He kept getting it wrong!” But once she did tell him that she’d won $50,000, the lottery winner’s husband wouldn’t believe her until she sent him a picture of her winning ticket. A recent Michigan Fantasy 5 winner said that her husband couldn’t believe it when she announced she’d won the jackpot for the second time.After claiming the prize money a few days after scratching off the winning ticket, the “Scratch Off Queen” said that, just like another recent Maryland Lottery winning grandmother, the money will go towards treating their 11 grandchildren this holiday period, as well as a well-earned vacation and paying off their truck. Another Maryland Lottery player planned to buy a whole new truck after winning $100,000 on a scratch card.Get ready for your lottery win and play online with us at