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Queensland friends win Gold Lotto after drinks at the pub led to buying a ticket
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A group of friends from Queensland in Australia have won almost half a million dollars on the Gold Lotto after a few drinks at the pub led to them buying a Lotto ticket together.The group of three won their $444,985.88 on the August 4th Saturday Gold Lotto, and theirs was one of nine other tickets winning the first division prize. The syndicate said that they decided to play the Lotto together around a month ago, after a drink in the pub led to them trying out their numbers.A Michigan woman who found out she’d won the Keno lottery while in the pub decided to buy a round for all the customers.“I’m still gobsmacked,” said the syndicate leader, adding that he still can’t believe that they’ve won. “It took the store about 30 minutes to convince me I did win it, but I won’t believe it until the money’s there.” Recently a shocked retiree from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland found out that he’d won $1 million on the Gold Lotto, while a couple from Queensland also described themselves as gobsmacked after a lottery official called them on the phone to let them know they’d won $3 million on the Australian Powerball.There had been a buzz around town after word spread that somebody local had won almost half a million on the Gold Lotto, but the syndicate leader said that he somehow missed the gossip and didn’t know until it was him. “Everyone’s been racing around checking their tickets,” he told Gold Lotto officials. “I didn’t know anyone in town had won that sort of money.” Groups of friends often make the luckiest syndicates, as a group of friends from Winnipeg in western Canada recently took home $3.5 million on the Lotto 649, and five pals from the Kitchener region of Ontario, also in Canada, split $500,000 on the Lotto Max after playing together for two years.The lucky winning Gold Lotto ticket was purchased from Charleville News agency in Queensland, which is owned by Jenny Hallam. Ms Hallam told lottery officials that she was delighted to see the rightful winner united with their prize.The three friends now plan to use their shares of the winnings on holidays abroad and putting down deposits on new homes.Lady Luck is waiting for you every day at