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All quiet for Mega Millions lottery jackpot winners
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All quiet for Mega Millions lottery jackpot winners

We would really like to bring you exciting news of the latest Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner, but we can’t. It’s not for lack of trying, there just isn’t one yet! It’s a shame really, as they stood to win $47 million in Tuesday 8th January’s draw with a jackpot cash value of $34.6m. And an even better payout in Friday 11th January’s draw, with a $55m lottery jackpot and a cash value of $40.7m. But the US’s Mega Millions lottery game is not alone, even the Powerball lotto game has failed to produce a lottery jackpot winner of late.

It’s certainly been a quiet start to 2013, but perhaps a lottery jackpot winner is on the horizon... Still Mega Millions did produce five second-tier prize winners in Tuesday 8th January’s draw from South Dakota, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina and Vermont, which is great news. They all won $250,000 each when they matched the first 5 numbers in the lottery results, which were: 3, 20, 21, 38 and 42, excluding the Mega Ball which was 19. Friday 11th January’s Mega Millions draw saw just three lotto winners take home the second-tier prize of $250,000 each.

These ticket-holders were from Wisconsin, California and Illinois. The lottery results for this draw were: 24, 29, 30, 34, 56 and Mega Ball 1. The very popular Mega Millions lottery is played in 44 states. To win the lottery jackpot players need to match all 6 numbers drawn, which include the Mega Ball. If they successfully win the lotto jackpot, they can either spread the win with annual payments over 26 years or take a one off cash lump sum.

Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday. If you decide to try your chance, you can buy Mega Millions lottery tickets online at