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Retired farm worker wins $50m Canadian Lotto Max jackpot
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A retired woman from Irma in Alberta, Canada, has scooped a $50m jackpot in the Lotto Max draw held on November 11.Irma is a sleepy Alberta village located almost 200 kilometres southeast of Edmonton. Last year Mauro Bagnariol from Edmonton won a $30m Canadian Lotto Max jackpot.The lucky Lotto Max jackpot winner discovered her amazing win when she checked her ticket at the local Co-op store. The newest lottery millionaire in Canada has asked to remain anonymous, just like the $20m Oz Lotto winners from Canberra, Australia.However, despite her request for privacy, the village of Irma, which only has 500 residents, are busy talking about the big win. Well, it’s not every week someone there wins a $50m Lotto Max jackpot so you can hardly blame them, can you?Kent Erickson was present at the momentous moment when the $50m Lotto Max jackpot winner pushed her shopping cart up to the cashier with her winning ticket in her hand. “She went in line and she said, 'I just have to check my ticket, I think I won',” said Kent.Derek Hulley, another Alberta resident, found out he won $10 million playing Lotto 6/49 after asking a cashier to check his ticket."And so she went up and gave the young lady, the cashier, her ticket and it was really simple, no bells or whistles or anything, but up on the screen was 'winner,' a five and zero and whole bunch of zeros after that. You don't know what to say when that happens,” Erickson added.The cashier wasn’t quite sure what to do and had to track down the store manager to double-check the winning Lotto Max numbers. "While the cashier went to get the manager to double-check the numbers, the lady was looking through the magazines and looking for some more groceries, she was a little bit in shock I think," Erikson said in an interview with CBC Edmonton, "It was surreal."June Bergh from British Columbia also won a $50m Lotto Max jackpot but said she feared her windfall. In the UK, £1.2m UK Lotto winner Sue Herdman became a pig farmer after her big win.This big winner is said to be from a well-known farming family that has been part of the community for generations. After years of hard work, she can now have a fantastic retirement.The next big winner could be you, so purchase your tickets online now at