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Is the SuperEnalotto jackpot bubble ready to burst?
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During May the SuperEnalotto is still holding on to its lottery jackpot. Its grip seems to be tighter than ever with six draws under its belt and still no sign of a lotto jackpot winner. You’d think with three draws every week there would be plenty of jackpot wins to celebrate, but no, the SuperEnalotto likes to keep its players on their toes.You could say Italy’s popular lottery game is a slow-burner, content to rollover until there is a sizeable lottery jackpot to release. Its last jackpot win was back in March on Saturday 16th and was the result of seven months of rollovers. It’s a good job its players are loyal and patient.Still the SuperEnalotto’s top prize is always worth waiting for; March’s payout was €53.3 million. Okay, so it was split between 40 players who made up the winning syndicate, but even so, each member pocketed €1.25 million. We’re sure the lottery winners from the town of Palazzolo dello Stella in Italy are more than content to be millionaires, even if they did have to share.So after rolling for almost two months, Italy’s much-loved SuperEnalotto is boasting a €29.7 million lottery jackpot. To make it yours, all you need to do is match six numbers out of a possible 90 in the next draw. Simple. Will your lucky numbers match the winning lottery results and make you a millionaire? Will you be showering yourself and your family with luxury gifts anytime soon? Well, you won’t know unless you play, and you can do that easily online, at draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. May your winning streak be long and prosperous.