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Swedish lottery winners prove that money leads to satisfaction
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A recent survey conducted in Sweden has revealed that lottery winners really do have more satisfying lives thanks to their wealth.The survey, conducted amongst thousands of Swedish lottery winners, has revealed that those who won big jackpots are substantially more satisfied with the lives they lead than those who have never won. It even went as far as to say that those who won more were happier than those who won less, with winners of hundreds of thousands of dollars being more satisfied than winners of tens of thousands. A Lotto Max winner from Alberta in Canada revealed his satisfaction came from donating to charity following his $40 million win.The survey didn’t stop at wealth and satisfaction after a big win, in fact it asked lottery winners if their satisfaction was durable, and it showed that up to twenty years after a big lottery win, those who had won big were still remarkably satisfied with their lives. The relationship between money and wealth has long been a debate amongst researchers and the public alike, and this latest study comes from a research report conducted by a partnership between the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and New York University. We have previously discussed Sweden’s good fortune on the EuroJackpot lottery as tickets sold in the country appear to be the luckiest.The researchers suggested that while this study was conducted amongst lottery winners in Sweden, it can be transferrable to other countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. The most interesting point raised by this study is the idea that a higher lottery win creates a higher satisfaction with life, something which hasn’t been considered before. A couple from Canada who won $60 million on the Lotto Max revealed that they were satisfied with what they originally thought was a $60,000 lottery win.The evidence also showed that lottery winners, certainly those in Sweden, don’t blow all of their jackpot at once and instead spend it slowly over many years. A couple from Derby in England revealed that they were terrified of spending all of their winnings after taking home £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery. It is rare for winners to quit their jobs, and instead they take a back seat, work fewer hours, and retire a little earlier than those without a lottery win under their belt. A recent survey completed in the UK by the National Lottery revealed that winners prefer sharing their lottery prizes than spending them all on material goods.So many things could be done with a lottery windfall... take the first step and purchase your tickets online at